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Aesthetic Lips

What is lip aesthetics? how to do thanks to lip aesthetics, you can have more prominent or full lips.

When it comes to lip aesthetics, the first thing that comes to mind is the inflated, uncomfortably large lips with temporary lip fillers.

What is Lip Aesthetics?

Lip aesthetics is a specialty area of medicine that focuses on the aesthetic enhancement of the lips. The main goal is to achieve harmonious and proportional lips.

Lip aesthetics is that the anatomical structures of the lips are prominent. When it comes to lip aesthetics, only lip filling should not be understood.

Cosmetic procedure for women and men who want to achieve fuller lips with a more attractive shape or who want to correct imperfections in their mouth area.

The ideal lip aesthetic is a combination of three different parts: the upper lip, lower lip, and Cupid's bow (the section between the top of your upper lip and the bottom of your nose).

What are the characteristics of lips that are considered beautiful?

Although beauty is a relative concept, the standard of beauty on the lips is as follows.

  • A ratio of 2/3 between the lower and upper lips
  • The line between the two lips, which have high and prominent lines, is parallel to the ground.
  • The upper lip is slightly in the foreground compared to the lower lip
  • It is pink in color and the mucous parts are full

With lip aesthetic surgery, lips with the above-mentioned features are tried to be obtained.

How is Lip Aesthetics Applied?

There are various lip aesthetic operations to achieve more beautiful lips. To list them:

  • Thickening and plumping the lips
    • Temporary lip augmentation
    • Permanent lip filler
    • Oil injection to the lips
    • Liberation of the lip mucosa
  • Thinning the lips
  • Shortening the upper lip
    • Lip botox
    • Lip shortening surgery
  • Upper lip wrinkles
  • Lip lines, definition of lip contour
  • The drooping appearance of the lip corners
  • Appearance of gums

Lip aesthetic surgeries are applied with the substances we have written above.

You can view more detailed explanations of each item above on our website.

What Should Be Considered in Lip Aesthetics?

Since certain applications where lip aesthetics are performed involve surgical procedures, they also bring risks related to the surgical application.
Complications such as local infection development in the procedure area, impaired wound healing, scarring, bleeding, numbness or loss of sensation due to nerve tissue damage may occur.

Before having lip aesthetics, let your doctor know if you have a chronic condition. Beauty is important, but your health is more important!

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