More Beautiful Brows With Brow Lift Botox

Botox Eyebrow Lift

Have more beautiful eyebrows with botox eyebrow lift! what is brow lift? how to do botox eyebrow lift.

As many women think, eyebrows can increase or shadow the expression of the face and the attractiveness of the eyes.

The fact that the ends of the eyebrows look slightly raised and bow-like always adds beauty to the eye beauty. There should be a difference of 2 mm between the starting point of the eyebrow and the ending point, so the appearance of the eyebrows will be beautiful.

Eyebrows provide eye and face integrity and many women want to have raised eyebrows. Women's complaints about their eyebrows are usually lack of eyebrows, light-colored, very thick and bushy, excess between the two eyebrows, deep lines between the eyebrows and low eyebrows. In this topic, how to raise low eyebrows with botox injection. We will talk about the details of Botox eyebrow lift.

Brow Lift with Botox

The treatment is performed by a qualified doctor using a very fine needle. The doctor will administer injections in multiple places around your eyebrow area to achieve desired results.

Botox injections can provide instant results that last up to three months. If you are looking for long-lasting results, then you need to repeat this treatment every six months or so.

Brow lift with Botox is a type of procedure that treats the frown lines between your eyebrows. With Botox injections, your eyebrows are raised. This elevation works by relaxing the underlying muscles to smooth your skin from the outside and relax the muscles between the eyebrows. This allows the forehead muscles to pull the now relaxed muscles between the eyebrows, thus raising the eyebrows and opening the eyes.

The amount of botox you take will vary depending on your age and the condition of the muscles that are active.
Botox can help remove stubborn frown lines between the eyebrows without surgery.

How to Make Brow Lift with Botox?

The procedure for eyebrow lifting with Botox is quite simple. Within minutes, you can enter your doctor's clinic and have your eyebrows lifted. But before you start, your doctor may recommend that you stop taking blood thinners such as aspirin, as well as drugs that make you bleed easily.

Before injecting Botox into the eyebrow area, your doctor may apply anesthetic cream to reduce pain. Discomfort during injections is rare. The actual procedure only takes minutes after the area is numbed.

After the Botox procedure, you can return to your normal life, but you should avoid 2 hours of exercise or activities that will tire the face.

What You Need to Know About Brow Lift with Botox

Brow lift can also be done with surgery, but many people prefer botox because of the short treatment process or the procedure period.

As with any operation, brow lift with botox can have risks or side effects. These:

  • Mild redness at the injection site
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Headache
  • Pain and numbness

Botox is completely safe if applied in a clinical setting, but getting Botox done in a non-medical center can cause serious complications. These complications include difficulty breathing, drooping eyebrows or eyelids, eating and swallowing problems, and slurred speech. In addition, there is a possibility of infection from the injection site in unreliable centers.


There are some precautions you can take to ensure that Botox works best. You should not massage the injected area for 6 hours after treatment, including facials.

Stand upright, do not lie down, and avoid activities that require you to bend over for 4 hours after the injection.
Avoid wearing tight-fitting hats on the forehead. Avoid strenuous activities for 24 hours.

A more beautiful look is in your hands, but to achieve this look, keep your health as safe as possible! We wish you a few wrinkled and many beautiful days.

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