Can botox be used under the eyes?

I'm thinking of getting botox under the eyes for a more beautiful eye look. Can Botox be done under the eyes? If so, will there be any harm or side effects? Will Botox injection hurt my eyes? Do I have a problem with vision?
Write your comments about people who have had botox under their eyes before.


  1. author

    Botox is a harmless substance according to its area of use, but under the eyes is not suitable for this use.

  2. author

    Botox for wrinkles around the eyes, or botox for crow's feet, is done with very fine needles.

  3. author

    Botox is applied around the eyes, but I guess it cannot be done under the eyes. Even if it is done, it can have serious side effects.

  4. author

    I would recommend consulting a doctor who is an expert on this subject. Botox is applied to crow's feet, but not under the eyes, I guess.

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