Can i have botox while pregnant?

Hello, my name is stella. I am going through a pregnancy process. Because of the weight problems in my body due to pregnancy, I'm thinking of getting Botox to feel more beautiful.
Can Botox injections harm my child or me? can i get botox while pregnant? Are there any side effects or harms of having botox while pregnant?
I would be very happy if you write your comments on these issues. I wish you healthy days.


  1. author

    Although botox only affects the area, I do not recommend having this procedure done while pregnant. No manufacturer conducts a clinical trial or research on whether a drug or application is safe for pregnant women.
    Unfortunately, I do not recommend an application for which there is no definite information as a result of the experiments, to pregnant women.

  2. author

    I would never recommend women to have botox while pregnant or not.

  3. author

    Most people may think of botox application while pregnant, considering the area where botox will be applied, but I do not recommend having botox during this period.

  4. author

    Not recommended for unborn baby and maternal health.

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