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Dermapen, skin and spot treatment, have younger, more radiant skin!

Dermapen is the latest technology for skin rejuvenation. This technique is used for the treatment of wrinkles, scars, acne scars and other skin conditions.

The Dermapen instrument has been used for a long time in many clinics and hospitals around the world. It has also been used to treat various types of skin conditions such as wrinkles and scars that affect people's lives every day.

What is Dermapen?

Our skin is one of the most exposed tissues in our body to external factors. Many different factors such as air pollution, sun rays, chemicals can lead to deterioration of skin integrity. Various health problems in the body can also cause skin disorders.

Due to these factors, the cells that make up the main structure of the skin and collagen and elastin proteins, which are the building blocks of the intercellular region, are damaged. Wrinkles, cracks, acne and dryness may occur and aesthetic problems may occur by damaging the skin integrity.

Many different methods are applied in order to restore the skin to its health as a structure and to give it an aesthetic appearance. The dermapen method developed with the latest technologies; It is used to protect and improve skin health by triggering the body's natural mechanisms.

What Does Dermapen Do?

The upper layer of the skin, called the epidermis, is intervened with various stimuli and cell renewal is triggered by allowing the skin to react to these stimuli.
Dermapen application is a method that can be applied to almost every part of the skin and aims to eliminate many problems such as spots, wrinkles, acne or scars in that area.
The skin gets a much more vibrant and healthy appearance.

How is Dermapen Applied?

There are 12 needles at the tip of the Dermapen device and these 12 needles are inserted into the application area in a controlled manner.
These needles, which pierce the upper layer of the skin, will help open the pores, and multiple micro-channels are opened and a needling method with vibration is applied to these channels. Thanks to Dermapen, the skin repair process is initiated by stimulating the growth factors that will cause the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin.

For Which Skin Problems Is Dermapen Applied?

It can be applied for many reasons. These:

  • Akne
  • Age-related wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Cracks
  • Spotting or color changes on the skin
  • Loss of skin tension, sagging
  • Burns and sunspots that develop in places exposed to the sun

The Dermapen method can be easily applied to the forehead, eyebrow area, eye corner called crow's feet, under-eye bags, cheek area, upper lip, chin and neck areas.

Dermapen Sessions

Dermapen application is applied in a short time of 10-30 minutes on average, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

Having an average of 3 to 6 sessions at intervals of 4 weeks provides tightening of the skin and rejuvenation.
The method, which is applied up to 4 sessions for people who have no problems with their skin, can take up to 6-8 sessions for people who have intense skin problems. Session repetitions are determined by the physician according to the skin condition of the person.

Dermapen effect, results become visible after an average of 2 months from the application. The maximum effect is seen in the 3rd month after the procedure. Dermapen effect is between 9 -12 months.

Advantages and Risks of Dermapen


  • It does not leave any stains or marks on the skin.
  • Does not cause problems such as skin discoloration, peeling or heating
  • It can be easily applied even to hard-to-reach areas of the body.
  • After the application, the person does not feel any discomfort for a long time.


  • Complaints such as skin sensitivity, irritation and redness may occur. (Short-term effects)
  • Bleeding or bruising on the skin may occur. If hygienic conditions are not observed, there is a risk of inflammation of the bleeding site or micro-channels.
  • In some patients whose wound healing process is problematic, scars may develop due to abnormal wound healing after micro-channel opening.
  • May show an allergic reaction to the solutions and equipment used.
  • Dermapen application may be inconvenient in patients who have a chronic disease such as diabetes or who have various dermatological problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

Dermapen Other Information

Make sure that your hands are clean when touching the treated area after the procedure.

Skin care products should be avoided and do not wear make-up for the first 24 hours after the procedure.

Avoid exposure to intense sunlight and artificial UV rays for at least 3 weeks after the procedure.

You can send us all your problems about Dermapen, skin treatment or skin rejuvenation.
I wish you all more radiant, glamorous skin and healthy days.

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