Does botox help overactive bladder

I am a young lady and I have problems with my bladder. I have an overactive bladder. In proportion to this, I constantly need the toilet.
She told me to have botox as a recommendation of a friend about her urinary problem. I know that Botox is usually done for aesthetics, but this is the first time I've heard of it being used for urinary problems.
Is botox a solution for overactive bladder? I would be very happy if you write your comments on this subject.


  1. author

    Botox can be applied to the bladder. Botox is a method used not only for aesthetics but also for treatment.

  2. author

    Botox is a nice toxin that is used in urinary incontinence, bladder problems and many beauty or treatments. I recommend getting Botox done to your bladder.

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    There should have been a topic about bladder botox on this site. You can check that topic.

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