Does botox hurt?

I'm thinking of getting botox done on my face. Does Botox cause any pain while injecting?
Are these pains felt during the injection? Is it possible for me to feel any pain after Botox? If it hurts or hurts, is that pain or suffering unbearable?
By the way, it is a very nice platform, it is very enjoyable to read and ask questions here. I am waiting for your answers!


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    You will only feel a very slight pain during the injection. However, the procedure is almost painless after applying a numbing anesthetic cream.

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    It may be painful, but the pain is not unbearably bad.

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    I had botox done on my face before. I felt very little pain when Botox was injected. I felt slight pain after Botox, but they passed in a short time. The pain I felt was not unbearable.

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    I came across this while researching on the internet. Thanks, I am also informed thanks to you.

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    I was also thinking of getting botox done on my face and when I asked my doctor about it, she said it might be a very slight pain, but they were using creams.

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