Does liposuction hurt?

After getting some information about liposuction surgery, some questions came to my mind. Does liposuction surgery hurt? Because according to the information I learned, cuts were opened in the body. With the help of tubes, the oil inside is vacuumed and drawn into these cuts. Frankly, these procedures scared me a little. Does liposuction surgery hurt the person?
I aim to overcome my fears with your comments.


  1. author

    General anesthesia is given before the surgery. You will not feel any pain or pain during the surgery.

  2. author

    I had this surgery before. I did not feel any pain, but after the surgery, I felt aches in my body for a while, and then these pains disappeared completely.

  3. author

    Fat removal surgery does not hurt, but I recommend that you do regular sports and eat a balanced diet after this surgery.

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