How long does masseter botox last?

I'm thinking of getting botox done on my chin. I don't like the obvious muscles here.
What is the effect time of masseter botox? I wonder how long Botox injections will be effective. I would appreciate if people who have had chin botox before share their experiences.
I want a more beautiful jaw structure!


  1. author

    I had chin botox done before. It lost its effect in a period of 4 months.

  2. author

    The effect of Botox lasts for an average of 5 months in the masseter muscles. If botox is injected regularly, the duration of action is prolonged. Of course, I recommend that you consult your doctor about this.

  3. author

    Physically, the effect lasted for 4 months, but I had it done for my ligament pains, not for physical reasons, and it had an effect for 6-7 months.

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