Is teeth whitening safe?

Hello dear readers. My teeth are not very white. I am very uncomfortable about this and want to whiten my teeth.
Are teeth whitening procedures harmful? Write your experiences and comments on people or doctors who have whitened their teeth with various methods before.
I want whiter teeth! Happy smiles!


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    Teeth whitening is not harmful. You will not experience any major side effects or problems. But the products used can determine this harm or benefit.

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    Whitening gels approved by the FDI do not harm the teeth. When you use whitening powders and gels sold without supervision, you can damage the dental organ.

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    The whitening process, which is applied under the control of the dentist and with the right procedures, has no harm to the teeth.

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    Although there are no side effects in the teeth whitening process, a temporary sensitivity may occur in the teeth. This situation, which occurs against hot and cold food and drinks, usually resolves itself within 12-48 hours.

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