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Juvederm Fillers

Detailed information about juvederm fillers and products. which filling product is applied where and more information

In this topic, we will provide you, our valued visitors, with a lot of information about the products of juvederm filler, which product is used and where.


JUVÉDERM® ULTRA: It is injected to restore facial volume, fill fine lines and wrinkles, and reshape lips.

JUVÉDERM® ULTRA 2: It is used in the treatment of fine lines around the eyes and lines very close to the skin surface.

JUVÉDERM® ULTRA 3: It is used in the treatment of nose and rim, medium and deep wrinkles.

JUVÉDERM® ULTRA 4: It is used to fill deep depressions in the skin by injection method, as well as cheekbone filling, which has a larger volume effect.

JUVÉDERM® : It should only be administered by a trained and qualified healthcare professional.


It is the thinnest filling of the Juvederm family. It is used in under-eye fillers, wrinkle treatment, and fine lines. Even if Volbella is not on the lips, it can be used on the upper lip lines and frame.

It is called moisture filling. It can be applied to the cheeks and décolleté with an application similar to Volite filling or mesotherapy.


It is a deep filling. It is especially preferred in the area where volume is desired. It is used for defining the chin, creating cheekbones, and temples.


It is an injectable hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler with lidocaine, specially for the lip and mouth area. It is used for plumping the lip volume, redefining the lip shape, correcting vertical lip lines and rim depressions.

Your doctor can help you more in choosing which Juvederm product.

For whom are Juvederm products not recommended?

  • In individuals with known hypersensitivity to lidocaine or amide-type local anesthetics
  • In epilepsy patients
  • In patients with porphyria
  • In pregnant and lactating women
  • In children

Things to pay attention:

  • Since it is important to work with precision for a successful treatment and to minimize the risk of possible complications, the product should be applied by doctors who have training and experience in injection therapy techniques to restore volume.
  • Do not inject into a vein (intravascular).
  • Doctors must take into account that this product contains lidocaine.
  • As a general principle, medical device injection carries a risk of infection.
  • Injections should not be made into the area where a permanent implant has been applied.
  • Due to the presence of lidocaine, its use with Juvéderm® products is not recommended with certain drugs that reduce or inhibit hepatic metabolism.

We wish you healthy and full days.

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