Lionhead Rabbit Features, Care And Things To Know

Lionhead Rabbit

Lion-headed rabbit care features and things to know about lion-headed rabbits.

Standing out with its lion's mane, Aslanbaş rabbit makes a difference with its charming style. It is a fairly new breed of domestic rabbit. It is one of the very beautiful and very cute rabbit breeds. Also known as the Lionhead rabbit, it originates from Belgium. The breed was developed by tracing a genetic mutation that causes a longer hair growth around the head. These long hairs are known as manes.

Lionhead Rabbit Physical Characteristics

This rabbit breed is a small fancy rabbit breed. It has a small and compact body with versatile frame. Their legs are of medium length and medium boned. Their manes are at least 2 cm long. And the mane is shaped to form a full circle around their head, extending in a 'V' shape behind the neck. Their necks are not very visible.

Their hind legs are broad, deep and rounded. Their ears are on average 3 cm long, well balanced with the head and body. He has big and bright eyes. The eyes of white-coated Lionhead rabbits are red or blue, and eyes of any other color fit the color standard. This rabbit breed has many color variations.

The dwarf rabbit weighs only 1.5-1.7 kg. Its small size and cute muzzle increase the animal's resemblance to a plush rabbit. The neck and head of the animal are embedded in a luxurious mane.

Lionhead rabbit Things to Know

  • Nutrition: In general, you should give 1/8 of a cup of rabbit food for every pound of its weight. You should complete your meal with fresh leafy vegetables such as lettuce and chard.
    You can give small amounts of “sweets” like bananas, apples or carrots every day. Give fresh water every day. Do not give cookies and similar sweets.
  • Cage: Your rabbit's living space should be as large as possible. If there is a park or garden around you, you can take it out for air every day. If you live in an apartment, it should have a cage large enough to move around freely. Don't forget to clean his cage and clean up his food waste.
  • Feather: You need to comb it weekly so that its feathers are not knotted. In this way, you will prevent your rabbit from swallowing feathers and the formation of hairballs in his stomach.
    Bathing your rabbit is not necessary, but you do need to keep its surroundings clean.
  • Teeth: One of the general characteristics of rabbits is that their teeth are constantly growing. For this reason, they must somehow shorten these teeth. So how? By gnawing on boards or unpainted cardboard boxes.
  • Vet: In general, you should take your rabbit to the vet at least once a year. Follow your veterinarian's vaccination schedule and watch closely for signs of illness. ( weight loss, wet chin, watery eyes, diarrhea and runny nose)

Lionhead Rabbit Character

The Lionhead rabbit is a docile pet that likes attention. He can be shy at times but, like other small rabbit breeds, he is generally lively. In the hands of a gentle and conscious owner, it becomes more sociable. If a suitable environment is provided, it never stops playing games and running.

Despite its friendly nature, the lionhead rabbit is not recommended for small children. Because care must be taken. If handled incorrectly, he may become frightened or irritable. Some lionhead rabbits behave contrary to the general characteristics of the breed. This is due to the fact that the lionhead, which is still under development, is a very new species.

Lionhead Rabbit Other Information

Lionhead rabbits are very expensive to care for. An essential part of maintenance is providing about half a glass of high-quality fodder a day and an unlimited amount of fresh Timothy hay and fresh water.

When properly cared for, the average lifespan of the lionhead rabbit is 8 to 10 years. In addition to providing suitable shelter for the rabbit, providing the right food and exercise, showing interest and care play a big role in determining its lifespan.

Compared to other rabbit breeds, Lionhead rabbits tend to have a flatter face, making them more prone to eye infections and blurred vision. Washing your eyes regularly with warm water is essential to keeping them safe.

Lionhead rabbits are very cute with their beautiful cute looks. Their maintenance is very important. I hope you take good care of them. We wish you all a happy life.

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