Masseter ( Chin ) Botox

Masseter Botox

What is masseter botox? what you need to know about chin botox, what is masseter botox? how to do all the details.

Masseter botox is a procedure performed for aesthetic purposes, in which the lower part of the face is thinned, where the masseter muscle is located, and for therapeutic purposes to solve the problem of teeth clenching and grinding at night while sleeping.

What is Masseter Botox (Chin Botox)?

The disproportionate size in the masseter muscle causes women to look masculine. Masseter botox application, which is an ideal aesthetic procedure for women who are uncomfortable with this appearance, helps women get rid of this discomfort. By applying the masseter in the chin to the places where the chewing muscles are, the enlarged volume of these muscles is reduced, a thinning is achieved in that area and it becomes more compatible with the face.
In addition, wear and fractures on the tooth surfaces due to clenching and grinding during sleep are prevented, and the pain in the jaw joint due to clenching is also relieved. Masseter botox, which is an alternative treatment for the problem of clenching, can show its effect for a long time. The problem of clenching teeth is solved both medically and aesthetically, the growth of the jaw muscle is reduced and a more aesthetic and thinner appearance is obtained on the face.

How Is Masseter Botox Made?

By injecting small doses of botulinum toxin directly into the masseter muscle, the muscle is weakened enough to stop involuntary grinding of teeth and clenching of the jaw. It significantly relaxes the muscles and reduces the wear and tear of teeth from grinding.

Before the application, the area is usually anesthetized with anesthetic cream.
During this procedure, which takes about 10 minutes, the individual does not feel any pain.

It is possible to return to life quickly after the procedure is completed.

Benefits of Masseter Botox

It has many benefits both aesthetically and functionally. These:

  • By thinning the chin structure, it gives a thinner and oval face rather than a square appearance.
  • With this botox procedure applied to the jaw muscles, the size of the jaw muscles is reduced. You will have a thinner and more pronounced jaw line.
  • Clenching and grinding of teeth and excessive strain on the jaw joint are eliminated.
  • Face and cheek thinning

Who Is Masseter Muscle Botox Recommended For?

It is applied for treatment purposes to people who have started to erase the tooth tubercles caused by clenching or grinding, joint damage has started and headaches are present. Apart from these, it can be applied to men and women of all ages with square facial expressions for aesthetic purposes.
Not applicable to pregnant and lactating women.

Effect of Masseter Botox

The effects of Masseter botox begin to be seen on average 7 days after the application.

The duration of Botox application differs from person to person.
Masseter botox effect period is between 3 - 4 months, this may be due to the size of the muscle and the continuation of chewing functions.
If the masseter botox process is repeated at regular and necessary intervals, the permanence period will be very long.

Information About Masseter Botox

When an adequate dose is administered by specialist physicians, it is not expected to cause any side effects in the person.
After the application, bruising and redness may occur, albeit rarely. They are purely temporary situations.

Masseter botox does not prevent eating if it is applied in the appropriate dose and to the right muscle.

You should not chew hard foods that will force the muscles for the first 6 hours after the procedure. and do not massage the area.

There is no pain or suffering after this treatment procedure.

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