Ragdoll Cat General Features And Things To Know

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cat price, general characteristics and what you need to know about ragdoll cats.

It is not easy not to be impressed by seeing a Ragdoll cat with its bright, brightly colored eyes and silky fur that looks curiously.

Compared to many cat breeds, the Ragdoll can be described as a fairly new breed, it emerged in 1963 in the American state of California. Today, Ragdoll cats are a well-known and loved cat breed all over the world.

Ragdoll Cat Physical Characteristics

The Ragdoll cat is one of the large breed cats. These large cats can weigh between 3.6 and 9 kg. Some Ragdolls may even weigh more. Ragdoll cats can reach 27 to 33 cm in length.

The ragdoll cat has medium length silky hair. There are also ragdoll cats with long hair. Ragdoll fur feels soft to the touch, similar to rabbit fur. The color of the fur of ragdoll cats, whose eyes are always bright blue, can vary. The fur of the Ragdoll cat breed can be seen in 3 different patterns;

  • Ragdoll cats with white gloves: The face, ears, tail and legs are dark, but the paws are white.
  • Gloveless ragdoll cats: While the ears, tail and face are dark in color, the legs and paws are white.
  • Monochrome ragdoll cats: Usually the feathers are one color. Colored ragdoll cats can also have a seal. Chocolate color, coffee, lilac, blue colors are in harmony with white.

The ragdoll cat can be in various tones such as cream, blue, lilac and chocolate, as well as variations such as tortoiseshell and tabby markings. The coat of Ragdoll cats is pale in their kittens and turns into permanent colors when they grow up.

Ragdoll Cat Personality and Character

Ragdoll cats are creatures that differ from all other cats both in personality and appearance. Ragdoll cats, which are a very balanced pet in terms of emotional state, have a high level of intelligence.
These cats, which can move very gracefully, usually reach full maturity when they reach the age of 3 years.

Ragdoll cats are very friendly. Thanks to their friendliness, they get along very well with their owners. Obviously, we can include it in the most ideal pet cat category.
Very loyal to their owners, Ragdoll cats get used to them very quickly. If you are looking for a pet to be your friend with you, you can choose Ragdoll cats. Because his devotion to you will never leave your knees at all times.

My favorite character traits

  • They adapt very easily to their owners.
  • Ragdoll cats, which can perceive the emotional state of their owners in a very short time, try to make them laugh if they see their owners sad.
  • They can even give you a massage.
  • If you like to snuggle with cats, it is an ideal sleep companion.
  • If you want your cat to greet you with a big and loving meow when you come home, definitely choose it.

In fact, we wouldn't be exaggerating if we describe these cats as a "piece of friendship". They are such friendly and loving cats that they get along incredibly well with all members of the household. Ragdolls, who can easily make friends with everyone and every living thing, also get along very well with children.

Although they have a social and affectionate nature, Ragdoll cats do not have much energy to play with you. They usually like to lie down, cuddle and sit next to you.

Ragdoll Cat Care

One of the important issues in the care of ragdoll cats is nutrition. The development of Ragdoll cats is slow, it may take up to 4 years of age to reach maturity. For this reason, attention should be paid to their nutrition until they reach the age of 4 years. In order for ragdoll cats to complete their development in a healthy way, it must be ensured that ragdoll cats are well fed, they need to be fed with quality cat food.
They are very punctual in nutrition, so you should always give your cat food at the same time. Cat vitamin supplements during the development period will also be very beneficial for their development.

Ragdoll has silky fur. It needs brushing at least twice a week to help prevent matting and clumping, and it also needs regular ear cleaning. Like all other cats, Ragdolls need nail care.

Ragdoll Cats Need to Know

Like many large breed cats, Ragdolls are prone to weight issues. Portioning your cat's daily food can help keep your cat fit and shapely. Regular play with your cat is also important for weight management. “Fluffy” fat cats may be cute, but that is not healthy for them!

They are susceptible to bladder stones and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. You can help your cat avoid bladder stones and other urinary infections by encouraging her to drink plenty of fresh water and feed her high-quality food.

They have a predisposition to heart ailments. With good care, they can live up to 17 years.

Ragdoll cats are a very beautiful cat breed in terms of appearance and loyalty to their owner. He sleeps with you, takes care of you and shows you love. Since these cats are not very active, you should encourage them to move and play for their health.
This is my favorite type of cat. I actually love all cats. I wish you a long and happy life with your cat. Take care of your cats and keep searching for information about them, get support from veterinarians and take the best care of your cat!

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