Why Do Cats Purr? Cat Purring

Why Do Cats Purr?

Why do cats purr? everything you need to know about cat purring.

Cats are mysterious creatures that have been talked about a lot in every era, with their roots dating back to ancient times. Cats use more than 100 different sounds and meows in their communication with each other and with the outside world. Moreover, these cute friends of ours do not learn this language later, language is an innate feature in cats.

Cat purring is one of the most common sounds cats make. In addition to the question why cats purr, cat parents often question how they purr.

Scientific research says that purring is caused by the rhythmic vibrations of the diaphragm and larynx muscles. Studies have also shown that cats have a special network of nerves in their brains that manages these larynx muscles that make the purr sound. This purring sound, which accompanies the vibrations you feel when you touch your cute feline friend, is unique to cats. Purring at different frequencies, depending on the situation and mood of the cat, can give many clues to cat owners about the condition of cats.

Why Do Cats Purr?

People talk to each other, and cats actually express their emotions by purring.

Cats also purr a few days after birth. This is very important for the kitten's communication with the mother cat. In other words, it is not natural for cats to purr when there is a happy environment. On the other hand, cats also purr when they're scared, sick, in pain, or going through a stressful time. Many experts say that cats purring for a negative reason heal themselves by purring.

The purring sound of your cat, who is happily resting on its back, looking quite comfortable in its place, and lying happily in its place, is probably the sound of a cat that feels happy, pleasant and safe from where it is.

Cats may also attempt to purr to soften their opponent in a situation they encounter. Sometimes, when they are in pain or sick, they purr to express their feelings and try to calm and comfort themselves. These tendencies seem plausible by animal behaviorists because of the release of endorphins.

Purring While Sleeping in Cats

Cats purr during sleep, making their owners anxious. Cat purring while sleeping is not a problem. All cats who generally feel safe can purr during sleep. Purring is a condition that occurs in all types of cats.

Anytime they want to be loved, they can show this by purring. Cats purring while being petted indicate that they are happy and satisfied. There's nothing wrong with purring. There may be purrs to show that you are always loved and satisfied. Cats can always use different methods to be loved.

Purring in Kittens

It has been observed that giving birth cats purr at the time of birth. It was a form of therapy for them. According to some studies, cats can feel themselves with the vibrations of purring; It is also claimed that they heal faster both physically and psychologically.

Also, this grating or growling sound; It is also said to help establish bonds between mother and kittens. Kittens learn to growl when they are only a few days old, so they can get along with their mother; It is also thought that he communicates as “I am here” or “I am fine”.

Cat purring is generally interpreted as positive, but if you have any concerns, please consult a veterinarian. Their health is more important than all these shared posts.
We wish you a happy life with your paw friend.

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